The team working on has been busy working on the newest release, corresponding with OpenDaylight Phosphorus SR1. being the largest contributor to the OpenDaylight Phosphorus release, was eager to implement the improvements of OpenDaylight’s first service release as soon as possible!

Let’s take a look at what else is new in 15.1.

[Improvements] Updates & Additions

Several improvements were made to the 15.1 release. A Maven profile was added to collect & list licenses for dependencies used in – this makes it easier to correctly address licenses for the variety of dependencies in

Speaking of dependencies – upstream dependencies were updated to correspond with the OpenDaylight Phosphorus SR1 release versions:

    • odlparent 9.0.8
    • aaa-artifacts 0.14.7
    • controller-artifacts 4.0.7
    • bundle-parent 4.0.7
    • infrautils-artifacts 2.0.8
    • mdsal-artifacts 8.0.7
    • netconf-artifacts 2.0.9
    • yangtools-artifacts 7.0.9
    • yang-maven-plugin 7.0.9
    • mdsal-binding-java-api-generator 8.0.7
    • checkstyle 9.0.8

[ Apps] Available in Kubernetes!

Most of our standalone apps are available for K8s deployment, including Helm charts!

[Support] & OpenDaylight

Make sure to contact for integration, support, and customization. We are the largest contributor to the OpenDaylight source code and are eager to help businesses speed up their digital transformation goals with OpenDaylight & enhancements!